Our Progress 2012–2006

The grant we were awarded from the U.S. Department of State (see 2011) – enabled us to accomplish more than we anticipated. It enabled ISHK-Hoopoe Books together with our implementing partners Khatiz Organization for Rehabilitation (KOR) to:

  • Publish and distribute throughout Afghanistan 2,548,768 children’s books (an increase of 82,888 copies) in Dari-Pashto and English: 1,845,056 in Dari-Pashto and 703,712 in English.
  • Print 114,300 and distribute 111,858 accompanying teacher guides.
  • Produce 16,368 and distribute 9,793 audio recordings with page-turn signals for classroom use.
  • Produce and distribute 60 prepackaged radio shows of the six stories: 30 for local Dari and 30 for Pashto radio stations.
Teacher Training
Teacher Training
Teacher Training
During the project period this funding also facilitated the three-month training by an ISHK-Hoopoe Trainer of six KOR-Hoopoe Teacher Training staff enabling us to run twenty-two 5-day teacher training workshops for 389 teachers from Kabul, Mazar e Sharif, Herat, Jalalabad, Helmand, Kunar & Bamyan.
Dari Pashto version of The Man and the Fox
Dari Pashto version of Neem the Half-Boy
Dari Pashto version of The Magic Horse
Dari Pashto version of Fatima the Spinner and the Tent

We were also able to complete the Dari and Pashto translations, and pre-press preparation of four new titles, two of which are for older students (Grades 6–8) and their teacher guides. These will be distributed as we have the funds to do so.

Afghan kids with Hoopoe Books
Every child in primary schools in Bamyan and Zabul provinces received a set of six Hoopoe Books of their own.
Hoopoe Books and guides were distributed to children in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan, thanks to our implementing partners Khatiz Organization for Rehabilitation, the 33 NGOs including The Asia Foundation who distributed 1.2 million books and 36,000 Teacher Guides, and 19 PRTs and other Field Officers, all of whom ensured that the books and program fulfilled our objectives.
2 Afghan girls with their new Hoopoe Books
Hoopoe Books distributed in Afghanistan
Hoopoe Books distributed in Afghanistan
In 2012 children in all 34 provinces received Hoopoe Books.


We were awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of State to print and distribute throughout Afghanistan a total of 2,465,880 books and 114,300 Teacher Guides, plus 64,284 audio versions of the stories; a Teacher Training program for 201 teachers, and a radio program of the six stories in Dari or Pashto for local Afghan radio. For more information see Traditional Afghan Tales Return Home on The Asia Foundation blog.


Thanks to our partnership with KOR, we were able to publish four more Dari-Pashto bilingual titles, and we distributed 120,000 more books to children via NGOs and PRTs working in provinces throughout Afghanistan.


We formed a partnership with Khatiz Organization for Rehabilitation in Kabul (KOR), and 35,000 copies of The Boy Without a Namein a Dari-Pashto edition were printed and distributed.


Our first Dari-Pashto bilingual edition was published. 250,000 copies of The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water were distributed.


We obtained approval for our potential program from the Ministry of Education in Kabul.

Lt. Michael O'Neill
“While we enjoy care packages, it doesn’t compare to the joy of seeing a child with their first book.” Lt Michael O’Neill, with PRT Panjshir in Afghanistan who distributed our first Dari-Pashto title

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