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The wonderful Afghan Mini Mobile Children’s Circus (MMCC) has been distributing Hoopoe books to children at their circus events, in their education centers, in schools and orphanages as they travel around entertaining children throughout Afghanistan. Thanks to everyone’s help, since the Fall of last year, we have been able to provide MMCC with 60,000 books to donate to the children they meet.

We hope to be able to continue to partner with MMCC providing books for their students and audiences as they travel across the country.

Watch this video of a distribution and reading of Idries Shah’s The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water which took place at their Kabul center.

A Unique Library in Bamyan

Saber Hosseini has created a unique mobile library for children in his hometown of Bamyan in central Afghanistan. Mr. Hosseini has become well known in the area for distributing books to children from a box on the back of his bicycle. In the past, villagers have been wary of outsiders appearing on bicycles because bicycles are known to have been used for suicide attacks. Now, when children see Saber Hosseini peddling along, they happily come out to receive new books and to return those they’ve already read.

Handing out Hoopoe Books in central Afghanistan

Mr. Hosseini’s mobile library has just 200 books for children and he’s able to reach 5 villages. There are many more villages in Bamyan with no access to books; and there are volunteer men and women willing to help Mr. Hosseini reach children in other villages. Please help us send more books to Mr. Hosseini so that he can expand this program.

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To help us provide more children with beautiful illustrated books of their own.

The British Council in Afghanistan Uses Hoopoe in Their Teacher Trainings

British Council pre-service teachers in training
British Council pre-service teachers in training

In the fall of last year the British Council purchased 52 copies of each of our English Hoopoe Books by Idries Shah for their pre-service teachers in teacher-training colleges in 10 provinces around Afghanistan. Their aim is to make English-language teaching in schools more communicative and effective.

Just before the holidays, Jon De Ath, the Head of Teacher Development, sent the following note and photos:

“Thought I’d send you a mail with some photos of some of the Teacher Trainers from the national Teacher Training colleges, using some of Hoopoe folk tales in a training session (and one of cascade training back in Nuristan).

They were extremely popular and all 52 of them went away with a set of 8 books to use in the 2-year diploma courses, to encourage storytelling in the English classroom. Feedback was very positive and they mentioned that they found this the most interesting and useful session of the 4 they received.”

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Afghan Boys happy with their copies of The Farmer's Wife and The Lion Who Saw Himself in the Water



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